Quotes are roughly categorised into themes. Different themes tend to appeal to different people.

“You can get almost anything you want out of life, as long as it’s one thing and you want it far more than anything else” — Naval

"The people who succeed aren’t normal: they are obsessive readers, listeners, askers of questions, absorbers or knowledge, triers of new things. They have to do things to get to sleep"

Choose work you enjoy and that serves as many people as possible. Focus on serving others — not on building wealth. Serve well, and money will follow. - Norman Barnett

<aside> 💡 "Life is easier when you know what you want—but most people don't take the time to figure out what they want. It's not that we are completely lost, but our efforts are often slightly misdirected. People will work for years and ultimately achieve a lifestyle that isn't quite what they were hoping for — often, simply, because they never clearly defined what they wanted. An hour of thinking can save you a decade of work."


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