This is a non-exhaustive list since I haven’t captured many of my favourite articles

Aggregation Theory

One of the most foundational ideas of the modern world

The Tragically Hip to Class of 2016: 'None of us can do it alone' -

About finding life purpose, morality and greater meaning

Ads Don't Work That Way

This changed by view of advertising and persuasion

Famous Charlie Munger speech: The Psychology of Human Misjudgment

Turning $2 Million Into $2 Trillion

Famous Charlie Munger speech: Practical Thought about Practical Thought: Turning $2 million into $2 trillion

Before the Startup

Things to remember to prepare yourself for starting a startup

Black Swan Farming

Startup investing

Peter Thiel's Religion - David Perell

My first introduction to one of the most powerful ideas: mimetic theory

James Boyle's Tort Class

How to make legal arguments

Pmarchive · Pmarca Guide to Personal Productivity

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Tbh, this whole website is mandatory reading


Sahil Bloom on Twitter: "The most powerful paradoxes of life: / Twitter"

High quality writing and honourable mentions:

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